The body of this stunning pen has been made using Bog Oak, a wood that has been buried in Peat bogs for hundreds, or often thousands of years. We have been...
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The body of this stunning pen has been made using Bog Oak, a wood that has been buried in Peat bogs for hundreds, or often thousands of years. We have been informed by our trusted supplier that the Bog Oak has been excavated at 3-4 feet below sea level and recent radiocarbon dating the wood to around 3300 BC. 

The extremely low oxygen conditions of the Bog acts as protection from normal decay, while the underlying peat provides the acidic conditions where iron salts and other minerals react with the tannins in the wood, which gives it the highly sought-after dark Chocolate to almost black colour.

Since this wood is becoming more and more limited as time goes by, and with Bog Oak essentially being in the very early stages of fossilization - prices for this type of wood are at a premium to purchase in the quality that we here at Wig & Pens always demand for our clients.

This particular pen has the sought-after dark wood colour which pairs beautifully with our premium golden hardware. 

Access the ballpoint nib with a smooth rotation to the top of the pen that draws the roller from the shaft of the pen ready for use.

A very handy clip has been added to the top of this design to allow it to sit beautifully in a shirt pocket, or folder with no fear of ink spillage due to its clever rotational design. 

This pen is also ideal for ladies as the grip width is slightly smaller than that of the larger pens I provide. And they are a perfect size for handbag slip pockets or jacket pockets.

Each of these exquisite pens are handcrafted from the finest wood to ensure that every design is unique, and every pen has a long life.

Each pen comes boxed, with premium packaging. Ideal as a gift!





Supplied as standard with a premium ballpoint nib which withdraws into the shaft of the pen and is accessed via a classic rotational twist of the top of the pen.


At your fingertips

The pen body is constructed from the richest coloured bog Oak which is hardy and durable ensuring the longevity of this incredible piece.

Polished to a high standard and finished with a beautiful sheen, this pen is truly mesmerising. 




Unique in every way as each piece has a different depth of colour, shine, ridges and whorls that are unique as our own fingerprints, ensuring your pen is your very own unique piece.


Weight and Dimensions (approx)

Weight of pen: 38g
Girth of pen at widest point 1.5cm
Length of pen: 12.5cm


Every pen is handcrafted to order and takes a minimum of 10 working days to construct, from the date that the order is placed.

Once your handcrafted pen is complete, I will send an email with an expected delivery date included.

Every pen arrives in a velvet box that is enclosed in our signature custom packaging.

The unboxing of this fabulous pen is delightful, making these handcrafted pens a wonderful gift for others or a treat for yourself.

Additional giftwrapping can be added at the cart, where we will remove all costings from the package before shipping.

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